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I have always been moved by story. We tell them out loud to each other and silently, to ourselves, sometimes without realizing it. Narrative connects the subtle, revealing and creating meaning. The branch, the chair, the adored, the longing, the projection, the connection. Words move us. And, images do as well, hopefully not just the instant and disposable.

Paintings are the after affect of selecting materials, finding color based on sensitivity to hue, saturation and tone, and the body's response to an emotional connection to the act of applying the paint and moving. Seeing the image is witnessing and in turn experiencing the artist's interaction with materials imbued with emotional response to the subject matter and the physical. It is the visual trail of a kind of dance.


For me, my work is both a release and a reaching. I see these images as depicting pivotal moments where what happens before, after and even during is open with possibility. I see the frame as drawing a line around an otherwise normal environment and otherwise uneventful moment. By constraining the space and loading it with extremes, a next step seems inevitable. But a next step from choice, not restriction and constraint. The spaces are intended to present a border between a here and a there. In these interactions...him and her, him and the past, her and the future, etc...all overlay the present moment to make any next move possible. I don't know what each figure presented in these paintings will do next. We are guests in each other's lives. And sometimes, even in our own. 


I see these pictures as visual narratives, talismans, and love poems.


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